“Roxanne” Cover by Celebrating George Michael

We are so pleased to have Chris Mars join us on piano for this cover of George’s cover (if you get our meaning) of The Police’s classic “Roxanne”.

Chris also tells us about his time playing at Stringfellows in the 80’s where he used to play a “jazz” version of Roxanne, and how George would listen in and even complimented Chris on his version.

George Michael’s cover of “Roxanne” is one of the most well-known renditions of the song originally performed by The Police. Released in 1999, the track was included on George’s “Songs from the Last Century” album, which featured covers of various classic songs from the 20th century. Georgel’s version of “Roxanne” takes the original’s reggae-influenced sound and transforms it into a slow, bluesy ballad that showcases Michael’s smooth and soulful vocals.

One of the most notable aspects of George Michael’s cover of “Roxanne” is the way he manages to imbue the song with a sense of vulnerability and sadness. While The Police’s original version was an energetic and upbeat tune about a man’s infatuation with a prostitute, George’s version feels more introspective and melancholy. The slow tempo and mournful tone of the track give it a more somber atmosphere, and Michael’s emotive vocal performance drives home the song’s sense of longing and heartbreak.

Vocals: Steve Mitchell
Piano: Chris Mars

Anyway, we hope that you enjoy it.

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